Human Resources

We are extremely proud to introduce our newest service - Human Resources. The division may be new but our team is very experienced and are experts in the field. Our Human Resources are as good as they come. We are Human Resources experts and have our own internal psychometric assessment specialist.

If you have staff you have a need for Human Resource Services – but unless you are a large company - not enough to justify bringing on a full time resource. This is where we come in. We can provide issue by issue support, ongoing management support and/or system policy development and design. We can assist you with new hires, long term employees and those leaving the organization.

We can improve your staffing with onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement. We have an expert in using the Birkman psychometric assessment tool. This is a comprehensive employee assessment tool that identifies staff passions, behaviours, motivation and interests. It allows you and your staff to better understand how they can thrive in your workplace.

We can train your supervisors and managers to make them better leaders.


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