Business Support


You know your business better than anyone, but sometimes you need a new set of eyes to help get it done better and faster. At Platinum Books, we have an unbiased view of how we can help you make your processes do more with less. Let our process of discovery, interview, design, and testing show you the improvement required to make your organization soar.


Software Implementation

A challenge for many organizations is the correct use of software. Platinum Books has many years of experience with the implementation of software and understands the challenges that go along with it. We put together a detailed project plan that takes you through preparation, implementation and post implementation monitoring. Our team attends to the details along the way to ensure all the data gets transferred accurately.

You’ve made a significant investment in your software purchase – now make it pay off with the right implementation.



Platinum Books' Team of Professionals love to train other people on how to better use their software and/or do their day to day bookkeeping. We can help to document your business processes and then lay out a training program that will have your staff performing at optimum efficiency. Our training process ensures your team understands the priorities and the most effective way to execute your processes. Superior knowledge of the system allows your staff to work efficiently resulting in an improved bottom line.



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