Here are a few ideas to make your payroll year end easier:

• Are you missing any information for your staff - to complete T4s you need to have SINs and current addresses for every employee (current or past) who worked for you during the year.

• Payments to staff outside of the payroll system need to be added to the T4’s before the year ends in case there are any CPP, EI or taxes owing. This will also prevent late penalties and Pensionable and Insurable Earnings reviews from CRA.

• TD1’s should be reviewed and especially for staff claiming amounts above the basic on their TD1 or have extra tax deducted, be sure the staff review their forms and they are up to date for the new payroll year in January.

• Taxable Benefits not tracked in the payroll system be sure to get advise on how to deal with these.

If you are managing your own payroll – we can help you with any of these and other payroll related issues.
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