The following tax measures were included in this Act Canada Caregiver Credit replaces the Caregiver Amount, Family Caregiver Amount, and the Amount for Infirm Dependants over age 18.  Many taxpayers caring for infirm dependents will see little change, although there will be some differences such as:

  • Adults who care for their parents who are over 65 but not infirm will no longer be eligible for tax relief
  • Families who care for infirm dependants who do not live with them may receive a larger credit if the dependant’s income is between about $6,800 and $23,000.
  • Tuition Eligibility Starting in 2017, tuition paid for occupational skills courses taken at a university, college or other post-secondary educational institution will be eligible for the Tuition Tax Credit if those courses are taken by the student to acquire or improve their skills in an occupation, even if the courses are not at a post-secondary level. 

Non-Tax Measures to provide funding to provinces for home care and mental health services

  • extend EI parental benefits from 12 to 18 months (at a lower benefit rate); extend maternity benefits to begin at 12 weeks before the mother’s due date; provide additional support for veterans and their caregivers

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