This credit is for the cost of renovations to a home if someone in your family is at least 65 years of age or eligible for the disability credit. The expenses must allow the disabled individual to improve their safety or mobility in the home. The maximum credit is 15% of $10,000 or $1,500. As well, where more than one taxpayer qualifies for this credit, it can be split between taxpayers as long as the total cost of the renovations claimed does not go over the maximum $10,000 allowed.

The criteria for the renovations are similar to those claimed as medical expenses for disabled individuals. The double dip comes in: if the renovations qualify, both credits may be claimed for the same expenses.

An eligible home is a housing unit ordinarily inhabited at any time during the taxation year by the qualifying individual. If you care for a disabled spouse, common-law partner, or infirm adult dependant, keep receipts for renovations to make the home more accessible.

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